HY35 Downpipe (no flex section)


An exact fit with great clearance. Has a quick release V-band for easy removal at the track in between rounds and an AEM heat sink O2 bung for quick sensor response. Optional flex section for easy attachment to your current exhaust. Includes two pieces connected by a v-band, and a v-band clamp.

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  • An exact fit with great clearance between a 1g style (pictured) oil filter and alternator.
  • 2.75″ to 3″ mandrel bends, transitioning from the exact size of the turbine housing outlet to 3″.
  • Quick release V-band, placed just before the oil pan for easy removal at the track in between rounds.
  • Standard O2 and/or AEM heat sink O2 bung for quick sensor response while keeping the wideband happy.
  • 100% 304 stainless steel, 100% backpurged.
  • Click Here for optional flex section makes it easier to attach to your existing exhaust.

There is a known slight variation from Turbonetics manifold to manifold. A second Turbonetics manifold has been tested in house for fit and worked out perfectly, with the variance being taken up by a slight orientation change at the V-band connection. There was still ample room for the oil filter to be removed (more, actually) but obviously we cannot test fit every manifold, and some manifolds are bound to be off more than others. The worst case scenario is the downpipe would have to be removed in order to remove the oil filter.


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HY35 Downpipe (no flex section)

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