▪️It starts with an oval port exhaust flange. We feel very strongly about using formed runners instead of the entire oval to round transition being done within a 1/2″ flange. Shaping the runners themselves allows the most ideal flow path and natural transition from exhaust port to runner. We have these made specifically for our process as they aren’t nearly as common anymore, and the easy hardware access is a nice bonus. We use this flange for every 4g63 manifold, and even did a complete article about why and with cut-aways in the tech section of our website.

▪️No tight radius elbows. We have some tricks and don’t mind getting a little unconventional to avoid any compromised/cheated bends when space is tight.

▪️321 stainless is our standard manifold material. This is a high temp grade stainless, rated for the temperatures a turbo manifold sees for longevity and a better overall product. Not that 304L doesn’t work for most applications, but 321 makes everything we put into each manifold all worth it when starting with a superior material.

▪️Placement. Scrutinized placement to clear as many turbos and combinations as possible, with the downpipe and intercooler piping routing as an integral part of the complete working system. Many modular fixtures allow us to take advantage of each frame size and configuration in order to make the most out of the space available. Nearly all of our offerings clear factory accessories, but if not, we will let you know ahead of time as we’ve tried countless combinations to know what’s possible.

▪️Small and large runner options to match your ideal powerband, response, and intended use for the car. Our own approach for seamlessly stepping down in primary size while still using a full sized oval port flange- no abrupt changes. This is something we like to see done properly and taken advantage of, and avoid any setup that is lazier than it needs to be.

▪️The finishing touches. Yes, the inside of the ports and collector make a statement about our attention to detail and are pleasing to look at, but the bigger statement is what lets that final touch be the easy part. The hard part of initially matching the angles, alignment, and dimensions as well as special forming tools and fixtures is already done, leaving a seemless transition from runner, to collector, to turbine housing. Each acting as an extension of the next. Highly repeatable, consistent fixtures and process allow us to do this; each and every time.

▪️Backed with years of testing and results, from us also being the end users of our offerings; with many of the pieces being born out of our own needs.

We don’t offer everything, but what we do offer is made to perform.

Matt and Annika