Not all v-band turbos share the same v-band flange.

For most common brands/options it comes down to the centering ring size- the male lip on the manifold outlet and matching female groove on the turbine housing inlet. Each brand has a different size groove, so some brand turbos will “fit” on another brand manifold flange but not always vice-versa.

The three most common sizes/brands we will be referring to first are on the top row; TiAL, PTE, and Garrett. The key thing to note is that while they all have different lip/groove sizes, they all share the same 3.00″ outer dimension on the flange face which allows them to be clamped together as long as the groove in the turbine housing has room for the lip on the manifold. So for example, all three turbo/turbine housings will clamp onto a TiAL flanged manifold, and a Garrett turbine housing can clamp onto a PTE flange manifold, but you can’t clamp a TiAL turbine housing onto a PTE flanged manifold (or a PTE turbo onto a Garrett flanged manifold) since to PTE lip won’t seat into the narrower TiAL turbine housing groove. When there is a mismatch that still works, the housing won’t self align to the manifold so you’ll want to look into the 3 “windows” around the clamp to verify that the outside if the mating flanges are lined up before fully tightening the clamp down. Most v-band clamps won’t do a good job of centering on their own without a matching lip/groove. It’s usually a good idea either way (even if they flanges are made for each other) to verify the flanges are centered before tightening the clamp down since the male lip can be distorted if they aren’t properly seated before fully tightening.

The common TiAL flanges are for essentially all current Xona Rotor offerings (their smallest all the way up to the 115-69S) and just about any turbo that TiAL offered a v-band turbine housing for (like many Garrett turbos years ago).
Common PTE “THV” flange covers turbos up to the 6766 and can fit a 6870 if using the THV5S housing.
The common Garrett flange fits most G/GTX turbos ranging from G25 to G35 and GTX35 etc.
The TiAL and PTE both have a 2″ opening, with the Garrett using a slightly larger 2-1/8″ opening.
It should be pointed out that we are only looking at the inlet flange and the manifold flange; not the slight differences between the outlet flanges and perhaps more importantly the different flange centerline dimensions that will change how far it will move the downpipe/O2 housing if the outlet is lower or sticks out more. Each brand has its own little variances and we build each of our kits around those exact dimensions.

The bottom two flanges are a huge step up in size and for large frame turbos. The flange on the left is for turbos such as GT42/GT45 and S400 with TiAL turbine housings, and the PTE on the right is for the TH4V turbine housing on the PT6870, PT7675 etc. These no longer share any dimensions we know of across different brands.

There are of course more specific v-band turbo flanges but these are the most common we’ve seen for DSMs and Evos.