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Oval Port Exhaust Flange vs. Transition Exhaust Flange

Back in 2016, when we decided we were going to create a manifold that fit all of our personal needs for our personal cars, we acquired a variety of flanges and spent a lot of time deciding which would be

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We have an Evo 8 and 3 Eagle Talons; each with their own purpose and unique build. We have a 1991 automatic named “The Auto,” a 1992 with a dogbox  named “Clunkbox,” and 1993 with a synchro transmission named “Prototype.” 

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What Our Clients Say


- Tom Noonen

Truly your product and customer service kept me in the DSM game and this build. This build wore my patience thin at times and purchasing from you was the easiest part. It ll fit the first time and required no modification.

- Zak Szczepinski

I just got my manifold and i have to say the photos do it absolutely NO justice. This thing is a freakin' piece of art! The attention to detail and workmanship is beyond what I had imagined. Thanks so much for an awesome product, I didn't think anyone could be so excited over a manifold but I just can't stop looking at this thing!

- Dave Sayer

Amazing customer service and top notch quality work. I liked the fact they contact you before sending any kind of invoice to discuss your build. I really think this ensures you pick the correct option based on R&D experience by Morrison FAB. I ran into an issue and they were quick to guide me in the right direction and again assisting me when it had absolutely nothing to do with the products they offer. I ended up going with the consolidated runner manifold with the 2 to 1 collector which I really think is going to work great for my particular setup. Thanks again, quality not quantity keep up the great work and I hope to get this Holset record!

- Brandon Mau

I would like to thank both Matt and Samantha for their friendly and extremely professional service. I have heard great things about Morrison Fabrications prior to ordering from them and it is definitely different to buying off the shelf products from other companies. Both Matt and Samantha took great measures to ensure that their product was tailored towards the needs of my build. From start to finish, it was such an easy experience and being in Australia, I was amazed how smoothly everything went. The manifold that was made specifically for my car was amazing and the build quality is second to none. Thank you once again and I hope this will help me obtain my goals with the evo 1 !

- Holim Won