Custom V-band Downpipe


An exact fit for your manifold and turbo setup (your manifold may need to be shipped here to ensure an exact fit, possibly turbine housing as well). Two piece with a quick release V-band for easy removal and factory and/or AEM heat sink O2 bungs for quick sensor response. This is set up the same as the quick release downpipe that we offer in all of our manifold/hot parts kits. It ends with a flex section/bellow right by the transfer case area (that slips over a 3″ exhaust) to be spliced/welded to your current set up or a great starting point to build off from with all the hard parts done for you.

On nearly all of our setups the oil filter can be spun on and off without touching anything else, and we will aim to do the same with this downpipe, but whether it’s a possibility will still depend on the manifold/turbo placement of the manifold you are using.

Includes upper and lower sections, welded bung(s), and v-band clamp(s).


*Other flange options (4 bolt, etc) can be built to order as well. It is very rare that an O2 housing can be made that still bolts to the factory 2 bolt flange due to space constraints, which is why this is our preferred option for most combinations.

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  • Most setups should allow room to remove the factory oil filter with everything in place.
  • Two piece with quick release V-band, placed just before the oil pan for easy removal and serviceability.
  • Factory and wideband heat sink O2 bung for quick sensor response while keeping the wideband sensor happy.
  • Ends with flex bellow near transfer case area that slips over a 3″ tube, making it easier to weld to your existing exhaust.
  • 100% 304 stainless steel, 100% backpurged.

Please specify 1g/2g/GVR4/Colt/Early Evo, etc and supply turbo manifold being used, possibly turbine housing as well.

Some turbine outlets may increase the price to reflect higher outlet flange costs

We don’t have a “buy it now” feature because we feel strongly about getting you a downpipe that fits your exact setup and your goals. By filling out this client worksheet, you can help us begin that dialogue. After receiving the completed sheet, we will review it and contact you within 1-2 business days.


Custom V-band Downpipe