DSM: Consolidated Top Mount Divided T4


Designed to to augment response and midrange with its low volume “4-2-1” design and minimal to no sacrifice in high rpm power. Fits nearly all T4 framed turbos, including Garrett GT42, Sportsman frame, and Borg Warner S400s.

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  • Maintains alternator and power steering in factory location.
  • Near equal length primary runners.
  • Uses proper small volume merge collectors.
  • Designed to tuck the turbine housing and runners close to the engine and away from the radiator, fans, and other heat sensitive components.
  • Fits nearly all T4 framed turbochargers up to a Garrett GT42 or the Borg Warner S400s.
  • (2) TiAL MVS flanges on collector.
  • Fits 1g and 2g with a 6 bolt or 7 bolt engine.
  • 2g will require a 1g style radiator with the hose inlet more towards the passenger’s side. Large frame turbos such as GT42, sportsman, and S400 compressor covers will not clear in a 2g unless the radiator is moved forward or tucked scirocco style radiator. (S300, PT6x66, GT35 etc no problem)
  • When the alternator is moved and a forward facing oil filter housing used, there is room for a 3.5″ or 4″ full exhaust under the pan.
  • 321 Stainless, 100% Fully Backpurged.

For those wondering about the consolidated runner design:

It joins the two paired runners in a twin scroll configuration, and can be thought of as a “4-2-1” design commonly seen in naturally aspirated applications. All twin scroll setups are essentially a “4-2-1” or “Tri-Y” design, as it is exactly what happens in the turbine housing entry anyway, but in a consolidated runner design it just happens at a different point (sooner). Two runners sharing the same space isn’t a big deal when they are firing in an alternating order and only one exhaust pulse sees each scroll (and runner) at a time. It’s important to keep in mind that the exhaust is a pulse, not just a standard flow rate- as well as one runner being of the same area as one side of a twin scroll T4 inlet so the sizing works out very well.

Dyno results at 38 psi with our two DSM top mounts here:


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DSM: Consolidated Top Mount Divided T4