DSM: Topmount Divided T4 Manifold and Hot Parts


Near equal length runners. Used by many of the fastest DSMs in the world since 2006. It fits nearly all T4 framed turbos up to a Garrett GT45 or the Borg Warner S400s. Efficiently supports 1200 whp while still allowing full exhaust to be used.

Hot Parts Kit Includes:

-3.5″ Downpipe (two piece, with flex section and up to two standard/heatsink O2 bungs included)
-Quick release v-band clamps (turbine outlet, where applicable)

Hot parts kits can be fully customized depending on your needs; pricing would vary from the listed cost and would reflect the changes.

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  • Maintains alternator and power steering in factory location.
  • Near equal length runners.
  • Used by many of the fastest DSMs in the world since 2006.
  • Efficiently supports 1200whp.
  • Uses a proper small volume merge collector.
  • Built for use with most T4 turbochargers, originally designed to make a GT42 fit in a DSM, as well as to allow a GT42 compressor cover to clear a full size radiator in a 2g.
  • (2) TiAL MVR or MVS (recommended) flanges on collector.
  • Fits 1g and 2g with a 6 bolt or 7 bolt 2g engine. If the engine is specified, the manifold can be made with no clearancing required to the block, engine mount, or water pipe.
  • 2g will require a 1g style radiator with the hose inlet more towards the passenger’s side. Large frame turbos such as GT42, sportsman, S400 etc will not clear a factory 1g or 2g upper radiator hose/radiator inlet. A tucked Scirocco style or modified 1g upper radiator inlet will be required. (S300, PT6x66, GT35 etc no problem)
  • Large frame (GT42, sportsman, S400) turbos may require the 1g hood brace to be trimmed for extra clearance.
  • When the alternator is moved and a forward facing oil filter housing used, there is room for a 3.5″ or 4″ full exhaust under the pan.
  • 321 Stainless, 100% Fully Backpurged

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DSM: Topmount Divided T4 Manifold and Hot Parts