Evo: Forward Facing Stock Frame


Forward facing for max effort stock frame turbos. Compatible with MHI or bolt-on FP SS turbine housings, locating the turbo inlet towards the center of the grill opening. Allows room for the factory MHI internal wastegate setup, or FP SS turbine housings that use an external MVS wastegate.

Hot parts kit available for FP turbine housing setups with a v-band outlet (not available for MHI 5 bolt outlets) that can retain A/C

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  • Near equal length runners.
  • Uses an ideal runner size to aid in quick spool, transient response, and aggressive midrange for all stock frame turbos.
  • Merge collector that mimics the turbine housing angle of entry, giving each runner a direct shot at the turbine wheel.
  • Increased VE and power/airflow per psi, particularly with upgraded camshafts where the overlap can be taken advantage of for scavenging.
  • Perfectly matched for both MHI and FP bolt-on turbine housings.
  • No tight radius or cheated/compromised bends.
  • 321 Stainless, 100% fully backpurged.

Current lead time as of March 9, 2024: 22-24 weeks from date of deposit.
*This is subject to change without notice, depending on order volumes.

After receiving the completed sheet, we will review it and send you an invoice via email within 1-2 business days.


Evo: Forward Facing Stock Frame