Evo 4-9 MHI/FP Turbo Oil Drain Kit


Full flow 5/8″ (-10 equivalent) oil drain kit for journal and ball bearing MHI/FP turbos. AN fittings and lines definitely work, but we’ve always preferred a simple clamped hose with fittings that are much closer to an actual 5/8″ ID than a comparable AN fitting. Allows future turbo removal by sliding the hose off instead of dealing with gaskets. We hope it makes things as easy for you as it has for us!

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The turbo fitting has been slightly angled towards the pan fitting, giving it a more direct route, and the oil pan fitting is angled up slightly to promote more oil drainage out of the line.

Heat sleeve/shielding is recommended near any exhaust components. Fits Evo4-9 with factory placement MHI/FP turbo setups. FP turbos with billet Xona ball bearing center cartridges use M8 bolts vs the factory M6 size bolts- please specify and we can accommodate.


-5/8″ stainless turbo drain fitting, angled away from compressor cover and towards the oil pan fitting
-5/8″ stainless fitting that bolts to the factory Evo oil pan, angled up for better drainage
-8.5″ of 5/8″ high temp oil resistant push on hose (trim to length if needed)
-Two stainless oil pan bolts with self sealing o-rings under the bolt heads
-Two stainless turbo bolts
-Two stainless hose clamps
* Does not include gaskets
*Intended for MHI bolt-on turbos with a 1.5″ center to center turbo drain flange and M6 bolts)

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Evo 4-9 MHI/FP Turbo Oil Drain Kit