1g Auto Shift Lever and Bracket


The factory shift lever is almost 3″ tall and takes up space that could be used for upper intercooler piping. This redesigned lower profile shift lever is only ~1″ tall, with its own shift cable bracket to maintain the factory motion ratios while being as low and out of the way as possible.
For a 1g shift cable and 1g neutral safety switch, fits both FWD and AWD turbo models. A 1g with a 2g transmission would still use a 1g shift lever/bracket if it has a 1g neutral safety switch.

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-Transmission Shift Lever
-Transmission Cable Bracket

-Brushed 304 stainless steel and utilizes all factory hardware.
-Fits both 1g FWD and AWD turbo models.
-Please specify in notes if ’90-92 early style with a pigtail coming off the neutral safety switch (shown in photos), or ’93-94 later style with the connector directly on the neutral safety switch (similar to a 2g). This dictates how low the shift lever can be and still clear the factory switch underneath.

After receiving the completed worksheet below, we will email an invoice over and ship within 1-2 business days after payment.

1g Auto Shift Lever and Bracket