DSM/Evo 1-3: Compact IWG Xona V-band


Built specifically around Xona Rotor internally wastegated (IWG) turbos and allows them to fit in nearly every DSM/early Evo/GVR4/CSM, etc. engine bay. With the wastegate actuator mounted underneath the turbo, this IWG setup doesn’t interfere with radiator/fan space, and still clears all mounts/brackets with no modifications needed- you can even keep AC and spin the oil filter on and off with our 3″ downpipe. Allows the use of the factory Evo 1-3 and Galant VR-4 radiators with just enough room for a SPAL 30101504 puller fan on our Colt, with even more room in a 1g or 2g DSM engine bay. We are very excited that everything fits/packages so well since the TiAL/Xona IWG housings are distinct with an inconel diffuser around the turbine wheel exit that allows the wastegated/bypassed exhaust to re-enter smoothly around the perimeter rather than disrupting the main exhaust flow from the side. Perfect for people looking for a simplified, extremely well packaged recirculated setup to keep the exhaust more subtle under full boost. The TiAL housings also have the largest IWG port vs any other that we’re aware of (sized between a 38mm MVS and 44mm MVR) and designed to bypass a large proportion of exhaust gas, which is important since very efficient turbos can get boost happy at high rpm. If you’re looking for extra low boost, or to get every last psi from the compressor, then an externally wastegated setup may still be better suited, but within the boost range the turbos already like to be in, the TiAL IWG housing has a lot going for it.
Efficiently supports 800whp+ and utilizes equal length, small primary runners to aid in quick spool, transient response, and aggressive midrange. This same primary runner size maxed out a 9569S at 40psi+ and only 1.1:1 EMAP/MAP ratio at 9000rpm, even with the smaller .63A/R turbine housing, so it should be more than happy to support any of the Xona IWG offerings, from the smallest XR 4948 (260-510HP 49 lb/min) to the largest XR 8264S (430-860HP 82 lb/min).

Hot parts and turbo/hot parts packages available (see hot parts kits) as well as MVI/bracket/hardware if needed

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  • Maintains all OEM accessories such as A/C, alternator in the factory location, power steering, and still spin the oil filter on and off.
  • Efficiently supports 800whp+ and ideal for the entire IWG Xona line of turbos, from the XR 4948 to the XR 8264S.
  • Uses small primary runners to aid in quick spool, transient response, and aggressive midrange.
  • Gains of 50 ft-lbs. of torque throughout the midrange power curve are not uncommon and well suited for spooling an auto car or transient response between shifts.
  • All fitment done with the with the X3C compressor cover, more room available with the X2C.
  • Fits Evo 1-3, Galant VR4, 1g, 2g, 6 bolt, and 7 bolt. The main puller fan must be a slim fan on Early Evo and Galant VR-4’s/Colts/Mirage.
    DSMs will have lots of radiator/fan room, with 2g’s able to fit the OEM main fan.
  • Galant VR-4’s will require a different lower intercooler/charge pipe routing since this manifold wasn’t designed for the “over the top” OEM style charge pipe routing above the exhaust manifold. You’ll need to get a bit clever with charge pipe routing in order to retain A/C.
  • Equal length runners and a proper small volume merge collector.
  • 321 Stainless, 100% fully backpurged.

Current lead time as of May 8, 2024: 22-24 weeks from date of deposit.
*This is subject to change without notice, depending on order volumes.

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DSM/Evo 1-3: Compact IWG Xona V-band