DSM Saturn Alternator Adapter


Factory location adapter for use with factory DSM tensioner.

When keeping the Saturn alternator in the factory location, the factory tensioner bracket won’t match up unless you flip it upside down and rearrange the tensioner bolt. This certainly works, but since it can’t be effectively locked down, the long bolt used to tension it is put under some cyclic loading that can cause it to fatigue and shear off over time.

This adaptor allows your original tensioner to still be used and work just the same as factory.

The usual grinding down of the block/front case is still necessary at the pivot, along with changing the pigtail and wiring, finding the correct length belt etc depending on the rest of your setup.



-M8x1.25 bolt to attach to Saturn alternator

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Original article (with dimensions to make your own if you wanted) before we started making them:



Lots more info for Saturn alternator swaps in general:



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DSM Saturn Alternator Adapter