DSM: Stock Replacement


There isn’t one thing we aren’t proud of about this manifold. Usually when it comes to tubular DSM bolt-on turbo manifolds you have to choose- either a manifold that the turbo bolts to but nothing else since it loses factory placement, or something that is riddled with compromised bends and/or poor angles of entry in order to fit within the factory flange locations. We got a little unconventional and found a design that was 100% bolt on and fit our philosophy of making it everything it can be.
Since it was initially an experiment, a prototype was made and immediately tested vs the venerable FP Race manifold, with results here: Back-to-back Dyno Testing

Factory turbo placement for 1g/2g/Evo 1-3/CSM/GVR4 etc and clears all factory accessories, and allowing all factory style bolt-on O2 housings and downpipes, as well as oil/water lines to be retained. GVR4 may require a different j-pipe/LICP routing that doesn’t route above the exhaust manifold.

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DSM: Stock Replacement