Evo 7/8/9 FP SS Recirculated O2/Downpipe


Recirculated hot parts with a smooth re-entry angle built around the Forced Performance stainless steel open scroll Evo IX turbine housing, nicely routed around factory accessories with smooth bends and v-band connections, using full 3″ stainless construction. Our own v-band placement avoids the neck down at the factory <2.5″ donut gasket and utilizes the same downpipe offered in the rest of our hot parts that can be used in the future if you go to a different turbo setup.

This is for a recirculated wastegate, open dumptube option available.



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  • V-band in/out O2 housing, recirculated for TiAL MVS with flex bellow for stress relief
  • V-band inlet complete downpipe that connects to the factory style 2 bolt converter flange (interchangeable with our other hot parts)
  • Inlet and outlet v-band clamps, studs/nuts and gasket for 2 bolt flange at the back of the downpipe

Factory and wideband (heatsink) O2 bung come standard in O2 housing

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Evo 7/8/9 FP SS Recirculated O2/Downpipe